Elaine Harrison

I’ve known Rachel Nunn for many years. Her love and knowledge of horses is more than impressive. The care she gives can’t be matched!!!! Her facility is immaculate, and a horses dream. She lives on the property and watches over them closely. I HIGHLY recommend this facility for your retired horse. Nothing compares to knowing your horse is safe, happy, and loved.


Molly Mello

Retiring my horse was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. My horse is my world and his quality of life is my top priority. I researched many facilities across the US and I’m so glad i found Rachel and Oak Haven Acres. They made the decision for retirement so easy and it’s the only place I would trust to send my horse. Rachel cares for and treats my horse as if he were her own. I love getting the weekly photos of my horse swimming in the pond, galloping with his friends, or getting his “spa days”. It was a blessing to know that after many years of service I could give my horse the life of luxury that he deserves. I honestly have never seen my horse happier.


My only wish is that I could retire in a place as beautiful as Oak Haven Acres!!!

Sara Reynolds

Rachel and Bobby take IMMACULATE care of their boarders, pets and property. I sent my horse Charlie there last year and have been nothing but extremely satisfied with the care and love he receives. They are absolutely amazing! He’s never looked better and is the happiest he’s ever been after making friends and living out his life in turnout! Thank you Rachel and Bobby at Oak Haven! You guys have taken all the stress and worry off my back when it comes to his care and love!! Your the best!!!


Lillian Moore

I find the facility to be warm and inviting. The horses always appear in great condition and the property is set up such that it’s obvious the horses are easily cared for and monitored. The horses are groomed (besides normal pasture play!). And just seem chill, relaxed and happy.

As a farrier I respect the way their hooves are maintained between visits. The property is supportive of horses that may try barefoot for retirement and there is a nice shoeing area for those that require specialty shoes or standard shoes for comfort.

Each horse is brought up and Miss Rachel knows each horse personally and reminds me what that saintly senior needs to make them comfortable. This facility is a favorite to work at and serve.

Susan Turner

When my horse, Dutch, was injured a few years ago I moved him to Oak Haven Acres. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the care there. This isn’t a retirement farm where the horses are turned out and checked on occasionally. Rachel takes care of the horses each and every day and posts weekly pictures on FB.  She even gives them “spa days” with baths and grooming. Dutch has never looked better. He comes through the winter without losing weight thanks to supplemental hay and enjoys the lush grass in the summer months. He is living his best life and that gives me true peace of mind.


Kathleen Riley Quinlan

I board my special needs horse at Oak Haven Acres Retirement and Boarding Facility which I like to call “Heaven On Earth”. Rachel Nunn provides exceptional care and her facility is beyond impressive. It’s extrememly important to me to have confidence in someone who is taking full care of my horse, my pet, my love, as I am a full time RVer and away most of the time. Rachel goes above and beyond to make sure my horse is happy, as well as keeping me up to date on her health and welfare. I would without a doubt recommend this facility to anyone who is searching for quality care for their horse and ease of knowing they are getting the finest care possible.

Laura Smithson

Oak Haven Acres has truly been a haven for my three horses. All the folks there are honest, hardworking, and experienced in every aspect of equine care. When I saw the flier at a local feed store, I called right away because my mare was very sick and needed nursing, not just stuck in a pasture of weeds and thrown food to once a day. The improvement she has made in just two short months since she has been there has been nothing but miraculous. My vet is very pleased with the progress she has made since coming to Oak Haven Acres. I love that the horses get to interact with other retirees there, and have already made several friends. Rachel Nunn and her crew are experienced horse handlers and owners, and through their understanding of what makes a horse click, my two mustangs and paint have learned to trust again and are relearning some forgotten good manners. As many horse owners can relate to, my horses are my children and I don’t make the decision lightly whose care I entrust them with. I have complete confidence in Rachel and her crew, and after a long year of personal distress of every kind, I can once again sleep soundly knowing my equine children are safe and sound at Oak Haven. Rachel and all the loving people at Oak Haven Acres have truly been a godsend, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who truly wants the best care for their horses.


The Medlin family

If you are looking for a farm to retire your horses, then you can’t find a better farm than Oak Haven Acres. The owner, Rachel Nunn is absolutely incredible! The care the horses on her farm receive is absolutely the best! She goes above and beyond what you would expect and delivers the most attentive care to the horses. She treats them like they are her own. The pastures are wonderful and she rotates them periodically so that they stay that way. Each horse gets individual attention every day and if there is anything out of the ordinary with one, she will let you know immediately. We are so thankful that we found Oak Haven Retirement Farm. You definitely can’t find anywhere better.

Phone: 252-478-5239 or 919-818-6241
515 Huford Harris Rd, Spring Hope, NC 27882, USA
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