A Season Of Thanks at Oak Haven Acres Horse Retirement

A Season Of Thanks at Oak Haven Acres Horse Retirement

A Season Of Thanks at Oak Haven Acres Horse Retirement

It’s the time of year when we reflect on all of our blessings. At Oak Haven Acres, we embrace the season of thanks. We are continually adding new horses to our pastures and enjoy getting to know each one of them individually. As I think back over the past year, I can’t help but feel thankful. We started this business with a dream, and it turned into a reality.

Older horses are often neglected or abused when they can no longer race. My blood boils when I read articles about horse abuse. One story was especially moving to me. Spicy was a 17-year-old horse in New Hampshire. As an older equine, she was neglected. She lived in a stall that hadn’t been cleaned in years, her hooves were overgrown, and she was painfully thin.

The owner of Spicy was cooperative with authorities and wanted the help, but he didn’t know where to do. The care for his horse was beyond his abilities. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. The horse went to a facility to get care, which is much like ours. I am thankful that we can offer such a service where equines can come and heal as well as live out their days. They deserve that much after their years of dedicated service.

Many owners don’t know where to turn or what to do with their ailing equine. Horses are often challenging to manage in their older years, and they need a lot of care. During this season of thanks, we want to let every one of our customers know how much we appreciate you. If you are considering using a boarding facility, here are five reasons why you should consider horse retirement at Oak Haven Acres.

1. We Know Every Horse by Name

When your equine comes here, they get personal treatment. There’s no numbering system here. Instead we know each horse by name. We learn each horse and their personality, discover health issues, and ensure they have a well-rounded diet. We show them love and compassion, and they receive excellent care.

2. We Have Salon Days

We periodically have salon days. The purpose of a good bath is two-fold. First, each horse gets a conditioning bath, and we shine their manes and tails with Show Sheen. Not only do they look great, but during the bath time, we can quickly identify any growths or lumps on the horse. We can see if there is anything like a skin rash or infection harboring in folds too.

3. We Live on Site and Watch Over the Equines

There is always someone on-site watching over the horses. Since I live here, I can make sure that everything is okay with each animal in our care. Should there ever be an issue, I can be with the horse in a moment’s notice. It’s just another way that I make sure your beloved equine is well monitored and safe.

4. Our Facilities Are Immaculate

I’m a bit picky when it comes to cleanliness, and my love of clean extends from the home to the barn. When you come to visit your horse, you won’t be overwhelmed with smells and dirt. We make a special effort to ensure that our barns are clean and well kept. We want you to feel comfortable visiting us, and we want your horse to feel comfortable living here.

5. We Have Regular Vet and Farrier Visits

Another thing that I am so thankful for is our alliance with Dr. Cole Younger DVM. Your horse will get two routine visits each year. During this time, they will receive any vaccinations they need as well as having a dental examination. They also receive Farrier service every ten weeks to ensure their hooves are maintained. Our staff veterinarian is just a phone call away should any horse need emergency services. Additionally, we check for swamp fever or equine infectious anemia annually.

Making the Choice for Retirement Boarding

It’s challenging to choose to get help and put your beloved horse into retirement. We work hard to make our rates affordable. Many people don’t have the time or energy to devote to an older horse in failing health. However, we dedicate our lives to helping these animals live out the remainder of their lives in peace and tranquility.

During this season of thanks, it’s time to reflect on the past year and get ready for the next one. Maybe it’s time you consider using a bordering facility to help with your aging equine. If you want to explore our facility, please call and make an appointment. We will give you a personalized tour, and you can meet some of our retirees who call Oak Haven Acres home.

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