Intuitive Equine: The Mystic Nature

Intuitive Equine: The Mystic Nature

Horses are very intuitive creatures by nature, but some go as far as to say that some horses are psychic. While I’m not ready to make that leap and put them into the mystic world, I will say that I am astounded by the things I’ve witnessed. I’ve raised and cared for equines my whole life, and it seems like I’m still learning about these fascinating animals. To say that they amaze me is an understatement.

Intuitive Equine Have you ever heard the saying that if you are afraid of an animal that they can pick up on your fears? Just how is an animal able to sense what you feel inside? They do it by your body language and by things like your increased heart rate and other observations. Mostly, it’s because they have an intuitive nature that allows them to read people and situations. Remember, these are animals of prey, so they must have heightened senses for survival.

Mystic Nature of the Intuitive Equine

Consider a blind, deaf, or mute person. When one sense is not working correctly, the other senses kick into overdrive to survive. For instance, a lady unable to see with her eyes can smell or hear for a great distance. It’s the body’s way of protection, and you will find the same thing in the animal kingdom. What about the dog that goes to the door at the precise time you come home each evening? They can’t tell time, so how do they know what time you will come through the door? Remember the famous story of the dog Hachi who went to the train station to walk his master home from work every day. Horses have the same intelligence, and their intuitive nature is far beyond human understanding.

One evening, I went to the barn to check on things as I usually do. The dusky pink surround was beautiful as the sun was setting here in North Carolina. Everything seemed peaceful, and there was barely a noise. The silence was almost eerie, but after a hectic day, I enjoyed the welcomed peace and quiet. Domesticated horses have become so intertwined with the lives of humans that they bond and protect with those they love. That’s precisely what happened to me that night.

Something was Bothering Benny

As most of you know, we have dogs and other animals around the property, and our goal is to keep everyone safe. I thought I would take care of a few chores and call it a night. One of the horses became extremely agitated. Benny started neighing and prancing in the stall. I could tell that something was bothering him, and he was trying to get my attention. When I tried to call him down, there was nothing I could say or do to release the tension and anxiety he was feeling.

Unfortunately, I can’t read minds, and my senses are keen but not nearly that of an equine. His unsettled nature made me nervous, and I could feel my anxiety rising. I hurried and finished what I needed to do and turned out the lights to head to the main home. As soon as I stepped outside, I heard the ominous howl that sent shivers down my spine. There on our grounds was a pack of coyotes.

Now, I know that we share nature with many creatures, including some that aren’t so friendly. Coyotes are always a problem, but this night there was a whole pack of them moving through my property. It was pupping season, so I assume that they were there to find a place to mate and nest. They spotted me, and I spotted them. I was frozen in fear, but I slowly backed up and made my way back into the barn.

Anxiety In Horses

There was Benny. He was still all upset and pacing with anxiety. He knew all along that these wild dogs were moving into our area. He could sense, or even hear them in the distance. He was trying to warn me not to go outside, or I could be their next meal. It should be noted that coyotes aren’t out to attack humans, but if you get in their way, you could be in trouble.

Benny didn’t have any way to tell me that I was in danger. It would have been easier if he could have just spoken the words. However, he was trying to tell me with his actions that I needed to listen to him. He was communicating the best way that he knows how. This is just one example of horses and their intuitive nature helping me, but it’s one that I fondly remember.

The equines that live on our property may be older, and some think they don’t have a lot of life in them. However, what’s so special is that they bond and look out for us just as we look out for them. I am ever amazed by these breathtaking creatures, and it’s my honor to protect them in their last stages of life. If you or anyone you know needs retirement care for your equines, then give us a call. It’s not a job for us to look after your horses, it’s a calling!

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