How to Save Money When You Have a Horse?

How to Save Money When You Have a Horse?

Save Money When You Have A Horse

It’s a continuing myth that only rich people can afford to have horses. Many folks with modest incomes keep equines and care for them well. You can stay on budget while never skimping on care.Oak Haven Acres has first-hand experience with equine care on a budget. It just takes a little research and planning. We like to share money-saving tips to keep your four-legged companion, and your wallet, happy.

Ways to Save

Horses are magnificent creatures who can gallop and run for miles. They need nutritious food to stay healthy and energetic. Here are some feeding suggestions to consider.

1. Farm to the Stable Crop Foods

We network with area farmers for our hay and straw, and you can, too. Instead of buying from a big box feed store, talk to farmers in your area. Most sell bulk hay and straw at a reasonable price and will deliver it for a nominal fee.

Did you know that you can also get better prices for hay and straw during the summer? Our ranch usually gets good deals during the summer and stores them for the winter months. You can stock up on grass, straw, alfalfa, flax, and other crops while they are abundant.

These crops aren’t as readily available during the winter, and you’ll pay a premium price. If you don’t have a lot of storage options, consider splitting the cost with a fellow horse lover. Your friends and your horses will enjoy plenty of delicious crop foods during the winter without breaking the bank.

2. Kick the Convenience Food

Have you noticed how much more expensive pre-packaged food is at the grocery store? Although buying the ingredients and making them yourself is cheaper, you pay for convenience. For example, you’ll pay more for that bag of premade coleslaw mix than you would for the ingredients to make it.

The same situation is true for horse feed. Ready-made concentrates are convenient time savers, but they aren’t budget friendly. Plus, you don’t have control over the ingredients and ratios. Mix the feed yourself, and you’ll save cash and have better control over your beloved equine’s diet.

3. Make Your Own Treats

Have you seen the prices of equine treats? You can offer your four-legged friend tasty treats from your own kitchen, and you don’t have to worry about questionable ingredients. The Internet has a plethora of easy, healthy treats that are inexpensive to make, and your horse will love them.

4. Weigh Your Horse’s Food

Healthy horses need properly portioned food, just like people do. It’s common for folks to hurry and dump feed in their equine’s trough. When you weigh each serving, your horse will have the proper portion, and you’ll save money by not over-feeding them.

5. Do Routine Weigh-Ins for Your Furry Friend

How do you know if you’re feeding your horse too much or too little? It’s the same way you do for yourself: step on the scales. Invest in quality weight tape to track your horse’s weight, adjust the forage, and concentrate accordingly.

Other Ways to Stretch Your Budget

There’s a big difference between being frugal and cheap. Frugality means that you purchase the best quality that fits your budget. These are some examples of frugal spending for your precious equine.

1. Don’t Get Caught up in Spending

It’s tempting to buy all the trendiest horse tack on the market. You want the showiest saddles, blankets, and the newest training supplies. However, you can go overboard on a bunch of fancy stuff you don’t need.

Instead, stick to your budget and don’t buy any unnecessary things. Your furry friend doesn’t care if you buy the most expensive and glittery accessories. They need essential items of quality to make them happy.

2. Learn a Few Basic Equine First Aid Skills

As a responsible human, you should never skimp on veterinarian care, treatment, and medication for your horse. However, there are a few first-aid skills your vet can teach you. Minor wound care and dispensing their prescribed medication can save you money over a pricey home visit from the vet.

3. Save at Domestic Stores

If you run to your local tack shop for supplies, you will pay a premium price. You can find quality tack supplies at most farms and domestic stores or budget shops. Many of your favorite brands are there, and you don’t have to pay as much.

Happy Horse, Happy Budget

Oak Haven Acres Horse Retirement Farm has been caring for senior horses in North Carolina for years. We know how precious your horse is to you, and you want the best care possible. The good news is that you can stay on budget and still provide the proper nutrition and equipment to keep your beloved equine happy and healthy.

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