A Horse Service Animal?

A Horse Service Animal?

A Horse Service Animal?

Are you or someone you know searching for a new service animal? You may want to consider a horse service animal!

I know how amazing horses are and know their true potential. However, I’ve found that many people without much horse experience just don’t realize how brilliant they truly are.

I cannot compare their level of intelligence that of a human. However, they are very quick learners in that they easily pick up and respond to specific cues. In general, most all horses can promptly tackle new opportunities given. Shockingly, they can take experiences from their past and apply it to their current situation. With their incredible smarts, is it any wonder that equines are now being used as service animals?

»Why Your Should Select A Horse Service Animal«

I recently read an article online about a woman being asked to leave an airplane because she had a horse for a service animal. The funny thing is that there is no stipulation in the regulations that state a service animal must be a dog. It’s perfectly legal for these animals to provide companionship and watch over a human.

Alaskan Airlines felt so strongly on the matter that they made a change in their policy and now allow equines to accompany their passengers. Emotional support animals are a bit of a gray area, and many airlines don’t let a horse ride under this classification. However, here are some of the many reasons why equines are perfect for supportive services:

›Longevity Means Everything

One of the reasons why an equine should be used as a service animal is their longevity. The average canine can be on active duty for around ten years, but many don’t even make it that long. Once a dog gets beyond that point, they start losing hearing and sight. However, an equine can be in service for up 20-35 years.

The lifespan of a horse is much higher than that of a dog. Since it costs a significant amount of money to have an animal trained and certified as a service animal, it makes sense to invest in one that has a longer life expectancy.

› Size Is Not an Issue

The size of a miniature horse is comparable to a large dog. The German Shepherd is most commonly referred to as the perfect animal for training purposes. Did you know a miniature horse weighs anywhere from 50-200 pounds? Their weight is very comparable to these dogs. Additionally, a small equine will get about 26-38 inches tall.

The nature of these little workers is incredible, and they’re quite docile. Their intelligence level and sweet nature make them a better choice for some service pets than a canine.

›They Provide Ample Opportunities for Mobility Work

Dogs can trigger allergies in some people, making it hard to use them as a service animal. Miniature equines don’t have the same type of dander, and those with allergies find it easier to tolerate them. Their hair makes them very easy to groom as it isn’t prone to knotting and matting. People who need to work on dexterity with their hands can benefit from grooming practices. An equines size makes grooming an easy task that doesn’t require much bending or stooping.

› Horses Don’t Get Fleas

I have several dogs that I adore. However, one thing that I hate dealing with is fleas. The amount of money that a person must spend on flea/tick prevention year after year is staggering. Most people with disabilities have limited income. Since horses don’t get fleas, it’s one less expense to worry about for upkeep. Just one more reason a horse service animal is right for you!

› They Easily Potty Train

Most people would never dream of sharing their abode with a horse. However, they’ve been used since 1999 in this capacity. Of course, there are many tests that these small wonders must pass before they can be certified. One of which being that they are potty trained.

Studies have shown that these animals train quickly. Sharing a home with an equine is a new and exciting challenge. Horses are always up for new and exciting challenges. Many people say that their willingness to learn makes them very easy to train.

› Equines Love to Play Games

A service animal also provides excellent companionship. Many people with disabilities often get lonely and desire interaction. While playing Solitaire or other card games may not be possible, horses can positively interact playfully. They can paint by placing a paintbrush in their mouth and drawing on canvas, and their balance is incredible. Games like egg and spoon is a great way to test their balance and spend quality time together.

It’s a great joy for me to work with equines daily. Whether they are a full-scale horse or a miniature one doesn’t matter to me. When I see that more people are considering the use of these majestic beauties for service animal work, it thrills my heart. I, of all people, know the capacity of these animals. It’s time the world sees what they are capable of and uses them in new and exciting ways. If you need a service animal, you should definitely consider a horse service animal.

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