At Oak Haven Acres Horse Retirement, you can rest assured that your horse is feeding on the high-quality food it deserves. Each horse is fed twice a day with Nutrena ProForce Senior Horse Feed. The design of this premium feed is to help meet the nutritional needs of elderly horses. With its high fat, beet-pulp based formula, Nutrena ProForce Senior Feed offers wholesome nutrition for your active senior athlete.

Nutrena ProForce Senior

Here is a snapshot of the many benefits of Nutrena ProForce Senior for Feeding:

  • Nutrena understands that a horse’s topline plays a critical role in how they look, feel and perform. ProForce Senior helps support topline health by providing quality nutrients to support these muscles.
  • Providing the right balance of highly digestible fiber and fat, this feed allows horses to maintain their ideal body condition.
  • Featuring Nutrena’s exclusive Nutri-Bloom Advantage, this design of feed is easier for horses to digest and absorb the nutrients. As a result, horses have more energy and enjoy up to 15% more health and bloom.
  • Added probiotics and prebiotics aid in the absorption of important nutrients and facilitate digestive health.
  • Supports muscle mass restoration and maintenance by balancing amino acid levels.
  • ProForce Senior contains minerals that can support the immune system and improve the quality of your horse’s coat, skin and hoof.

Salt licks and mineral blocks are also available to horses at all times

.Salt Blocks for Feeding

Supplemental Vitamins

When feeding your senior horse, we keep them healthy with supplemental vitamins. As horses age, changes in metabolism, their digestive system and the condition of their teeth can cause their nutritional needs to change. In some cases, the changes cause horses to become thin, while others may gain weight and struggle with laminitis. Some horses may develop issues like insulin resistance, kidney failure or Cushing’s disease. No matter what the change is, it will often necessitate supplemental vitamins.

Owners are welcome to provide supplemental vitamins for their horses. In fact, the right combination of supplemental vitamins, veterinary care and a nutritional diet can keep your horse looking and feeling they’re very best.

Here are some popular types of vitamins you may wish to consider:

Hoof building supplements: The design of these supplements are to support hoof growth. Over the years, vitamins like biotin and B vitamin have been implicated for this use.

Weight gain supplements: The intent of these supplements are to help your horse achieve and maintain a healthy weight. They can also support skin, coat and muscle health. The purpose of these supplements, like flax oil, is to support a healthy weight.

Joint Support supplements: Joint health is especially important for elderly horses. Supplements like Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Biotin and various antioxidants have been said to promote joint health.

Supplements for digestive health: Regular doses of prebiotics and probiotics are believed to support digestive health. The prebiotics work by nourishing the “good” bacteria in the horse’s body and supporting the digestion of fiber. Probiotics work by balancing pH levels and encouraging the absorption of nutrients.


Oat and Ryegrass Hay are provided during the winter months.


Fresh water is provided at all times. We sanitize each water trough weekly to avoid the bacteria buildup.

Rotational Grazing

Under our rotational grazing system, horses are rotated every three to four weeks to fresh, greener pastures. Horses are allowed to consume grass to a certain height before being moved to a “rested” part of the pasture.

Rotational grazing encourages even grazing patterns which can help reduce spot-grazing tendencies. When left unmanaged, horses tend to overgraze their favorite areas which can impact the re-growth of that part of the pasture. By moving the horses every three to four weeks, we ensure that they have constant access to a fresh pasture and are feeding well.

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