Equines are Truly Part of the Family: Courageous Horse Saves His Family From California’s Wildfires

Equines are Truly Part of the Family: Courageous Horse Saves His Family From California’s Wildfires

Equines are Truly Part of the Family: Courageous Horse Saves His Family From California’s Wildfires

I am deeply concerned with the wildfires that are ravaging California. As an avid animal lover, I am particularly saddened by the pictures and videos being released, which show animals suffering from burns. I can’t even scroll social media or watch the news without tears forming in my eyes. However, amid all this tragedy comes a heroic story that is worthy of passing along. Equines are truly part of the family and rightfully view themselves as such.

A Real-Life Black Stallion

On October 30th, a horse made a daring attempt to save his family from the flames. The fire was closing in on the road in Ventura County, California, but the horse wasn’t leaving without his loved ones. The rescue team was working on getting several equines freed, but what they didn’t know was there were people trapped down this road too.

Defying orders, the horse ran towards danger and rescued all four of his family members. He is being hailed as a hero and a true Black Stallion and rightfully so. He could have easily perished in that fire.

People expect these heroic acts from dogs as they are trained for such amazing feats. However, what really surprised the media outlets was the fact that this was a horse that did this rescue. It shows that these animals think, feel, and have more intuition than they are given credit. Some have gone as far as to say that animals can’t have feelings, and this video proves them wrong.

The Intuitive Nature of Equines

I love horses and everything about them. When I saw this video, I couldn’t help but become overwhelmed with emotion. I always look for inspiration for my blogs. At Oak Haven Acres, we try to convey to people that it’s not just a job to take care of these animals, but it’s our passion. We have the distinct privilege to see and experience the love that equines have to offer. While the animals on our farm may not save people from wildfires, I can attest to the many times they have helped me.

Equines have an intuitive nature that makes them excellent pets. Though they don’t speak, they most certainly can communicate. There have been many days when life has come at me hard, and I have felt sad. I still head to the barn and spend as much time on the farm as I can. However, equines always pick up on my emotions. They show love and compassion by nudging me with their muzzle, brushing up against me, or being close. I often walk away, feeling much better. My quality time with them means everything.

Equines Have the Ability to Show and Receive Love

The equines in California did a heroic act. He not only went into the fire once, but he went back in a second time to save those important to him. The fire was hot, and his life was in danger, but he looked peril right in the eye and did what he felt was necessary. His actions are proof that equines have strong bonds with their loved ones. They will go the extra mile, even risking their own lives to save someone. The love they have for us is so much greater than people give them credit.

By watching the rescue video you can see a glimpse into the unwavering love of animals. My days are filled with work, but they are also filled with so much joy. I get to be with equines that are older and wiser. Our equines have lived active lives, and now many have health problems. Even if they do get a bit grouchy in their old age, they are still the noblest, intelligent, and intuitive animals around.

More than 200 horses were safely transported from the Ventura area. However, 54 equines died before they could be rescued. The fair weather here makes this area the largest horse-racing center in the country, and saving these massive animals is no easy feat in times of trouble. Any animal lover would agree that this disaster is one that will never be forgotten.

Oak Haven Acres Is the Perfect Place for Aging Horses

Here at Oak Haven Acres, the weather is cooling down as Old Man Winter rushes into our area. We’re blessed every day by the equines we have on our farm. We go above and beyond to provide excellent care for these animals. See, we know what they are capable of regardless of their age. We know age is just a number, even though they have health and medical problems and need special considerations. These equines have a lot of living left to do.

If you need help with an aging equine, let us show you why so many people trust us with their beloved horse. I dedicate my life to their care, and I enjoy every minute of it too.

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