Equine Gratitude

Equine Gratitude

Equine Gratitude – As the brisk winds of November skirts through the trees, we say goodbye to the remaining fall leaves. Everyone at Oak Haven Acres prepares for the chilly winter months. Although we don’t get much snow, it gets cold enough for our equine friends to need extra warmth and comfort. It’s also in November that we set aside time to count our blessings.

Equine Gratitude: A List To Keep Your Horse Happy

Equine Gratitude When you are an animal lover, you might need to remind yourself that they’re animals and not friends. You’re certainly thankful for your relationship with them, but what would your horse write on his gratitude list? The many things you do for your beloved equine doesn’t go unnoticed.

1. My Two-Legged Friends

The bond between humans and c goes back thousands of years. Some anthropologists believe that horses are among some of the first wild animals humans domesticated. Horses became a primary source for travel, transporting goods, and for heavy work on farms. Soldiers and their faithful equines have fought wars together, clear into modern times.

Like any other domestic animal companion, horses usually form strong bonds with their humans. Notice how your horse’s ears prick up as he trots to the fence to greet you daily. Many horses like to nuzzle their human friend’s shoulder affectionately. He calls to you with a whiny as a friendly recognition. He is grateful to have you as a friend and loving caregiver for life.

2. Nourishing Food

Of course, horses in the wild foraged for food and cared for themselves way before humans came onto the scene. Your equine buddy may still munch on tasty grass in the pasture, but you provide his primary source of nutrition. Horses need fresh hay, grain, and dietary supplements to stay healthy and happy. His gratitude meter soars when you bring him an occasional treat.

3. Comfortable Shelter

Horses are large animals, and they are designed to run through the fields and snack on green vegetation. Your horse could never be a contented house pet like your dog or cat, nor would it be possible. He is thankful for all the outdoor space you provide for him to run and play as he likes. When the storms and cold weather comes, he doesn’t have to seek cliffs and trees for safety.

Your furry friend appreciates his stall that is roomy enough for him to move in comfortably. He is also grateful that it’s filled with warm, clean straw for cozy bedding. If he could, your horse would say “thank you” for keeping his stall swept clean of waste and debris. He’s also happy for the extra blanket you provide when the weather gets chilly. Equine Gratitude is obvious when they know they are being well looked after.

4. Other Horses

How would you feel if you were isolated from other people? You would be bored, lonely and would eventually develop depression and anxiety. Like humans, horses are social creatures and do best in the company of others. Your horse adores your friendship, but he also craves the socialization of his fellow equines. Equine Gratitude is apparent in this friendship.

The horses at Oak Haven Acres are blessed to have other humans and other equines to keep them company. Just remember, these animals crave social interaction.

5. Play Time

Unless the weather is intolerable, your four-legged friend needs plenty of exercises every day. Horses have an incredible metabolism and large muscles that are built for speed and endurance. When you go to his stall each morning, your horse is probably scratching at the posts, ready to get out into the fields.

You can see the joy and gratitude in his regal prancing and high-speed gallops. After a couple of hours of racing through the pastures, he may take a rest and nibble in the tasty grass. He might even take a snooze while still standing. Having green fields and fragrant meadows for play and exercise would always be on his gratitude list.

6. Grooming Assistance

Regular grooming not only keeps your horse clean and healthy, but it provides a special bonding time for you and him. Most horses have heavy coats and thick manes and tails that require routine cleaning and brushing. As you pick out the sticky burrs and other debris from his skin, mane, and tail, he is comforted by your familiar touch. Plus, he is thankful that you can reach itchy spots that he can’t.

7. Going for a Ride

Riding your horse may be a mixed blessing for him. Some horses don’t mind the saddle, reins, and extra weight involved in transporting humans. However, your horse may buck against riding or may do so begrudgingly. Regardless, he still sees the blessings of being close to his human friend and getting some exercise simultaneously. This we call Equine Gratitude.

A Season of Thanks

In November and throughout the whole year, Oak Haven Acres is grateful for our equine residents and their human companions. We are thankful that our horses have what they need to thrive and be happy. Lastly, if you need boarding or equine retirement services in the coming season, contact us to tour our beautiful facility.

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