10 Barn Hacks You Can Use

10 Barn Hacks You Can Use

Barn Hacks Today’s society is fascinated with DIY tricks and helpful hacks to make life easier. Did you know that at Oak Haven Acres, we also have a few hacks that we use to make barn life simpler? Equines are massive animals that need lots of equipment to care for them properly, but using a few barn hacks, it makes our lives easier.

Barn Hacks

I’ve been around horses all my life, and there are a few things I’ve learned about managing these majestic beauties. Now, it’s not always easy given their size, but it’s certainly still worth the effort. However, I wanted to share a few of these tricks with our fellow horse enthusiasts so that it might make your day a little easier too.

1. Keep Baby Wipes on Hand

Who said baby wipes are just for infants? Horses benefit from these wipes too. When you need to clean out their eyes or around their nose, these little wet wipes work wonders. Plus, since they’re gentle enough for a baby, they won’t irritate the equine either.

2. Horses Love Mirrors

Equines are social animals. Like people, some are scared when they’re being moved in a trailer or adjusting to a new stall. A little barn hack that works wonders is to hang a mirror in the booth with them.

When the horse investigates the mirror, it will see another horse since it cannot recognize its reflection. They won’t feel as scared and alone, and they will adjust more comfortably. Just make sure it’s a safety mirror so it cannot be broken.

3. Diapers Work Great for Many Things

Since you’ve got baby wipes on hand, you might as well add some diapers to the stockpile too. Diapers can be used for numerous things throughout the barn, but one of the best uses is to bandage wounds. Since finding bandages horse size is difficult, these work great in a pinch.

Additionally, panty liners come in all shapes and sizes and make great bandages too. About those diapers, you can put a wet and frozen diaper on a sore leg, and they work great as an ice pack.

4. Detangler Isn’t Just for Kids

There are a plethora of products made for horses on the market. However, one of the more inexpensive products that work wonders is a detangler. A horses’ hair gets quite tangled with all the exposure to the elements and stable life.

So, before you groom your horse, spray them down with some detangler to make the process simple and more manageable.

5. Use A Medicine Syringe for Pills

Some horses are easier to give medication to than others. One of the easiest hacks we’ve learned is that you can put pills in the bottom of a syringe, and you put the lever all the way down to the medications. Gently suction a tiny bit of water into the syringe and allow the pills to sit.

In a couple of minutes, the pills will liquify and make a paste. This paste can be put in their food or put into their mouth. It’s a simple way to ensure they get their medications. If you want to make things taste better, you can always put the paste into baby food to ward off any strange aftertastes.

6. Vaseline Is Necessary for Chestnuts and Ergots

When these weird growths get to a massive size, Vaseline is the thing to use. It will soften the growth, and you can peel it off with your fingers.

7. Use an Ice Pack for Hot Blades

Trimming a horse is not an easy task. Blades often get really hot after they’ve been working for a while. To keep your horse from getting burnt, one barn hack is to keep an ice pack nearby. You can cool them on the ice pack for a couple of minutes before starting to work again.

8. Shop Towels Are Good Grooming Wipes

During the grooming process, you can go through numerous paper towels. However, the nice thing about shop towels is they’re more absorbent and exceptionally durable. Always keep these blue wonders on hand.

9. Dish Brushes with Soap Are Excellent Scrubbers

When you need to clean your horses’ legs, fill up a dish scrubber with your shampoo. You can quickly get to their legs and all their undersections without straining yourself.

10. Soap Is a Deterrent for Chewing

Horses love to chew, but one thing they don’t love is the taste of soap. Get a potent soap, like Irish Spring, and rub it across the areas they love to chew. Once these areas are heavily coated, they won’t go near them.

Final Thoughts on Barn Hacks

Did you learn any useful barn hacks that you can use? Raising equines is a learning experience, and you will pick up tips and tricks to make life more comfortable as you go. As your horse heads towards retirement age, consider Oak Haven Acres as a place to board them for peace and comfort in their golden years. We are able to provide boarding, feeding, and veterinary services.

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