A Horse Named Polly

A Horse Named Polly

Polly A Horse Named Polly

We’re facing times of great uncertainty in our country, but our care for the equines we have at Oak Haven Acres never waivers. They remain our top priority. I’ve told you before that it’s hard for me to watch the videos or see pictures of abused animals that often come up on social media. However, one video touched my heart. It was about a pony named Polly.

Down But Not Out

Polly was a beautiful equine that had lived in horrible conditions for years. He was rescued by a group in France that took on the tremendous task of loving him back to life. Often when animals are neglected or abused, they are moody and can be aggressive towards humans. However, Polly was gentle. When I saw how hard and overgrown the hooves were on this horse, I am sure my mouth gaped open. In all my years of working with equines, I have never seen such a horrific case of neglect.

Polly was kept in a cage that was way too small for him, and when the rescue group found him, there were weeds and feces everywhere. I can’t even imagine what kind of monster would do this to any animal. I have seen my fair share of abuse over the years, but this topped anything I have encountered.

They Couldn’t Break His Spirit

The tears were flowing down my face. I was so happy that someone found Polly, but I was so upset that someone had let this happen to him. I watched as the two guys began to cut the overgrowth away from his hooves. They used a saw, and it took tremendous strength. It was such a difficult job that they had to switch back and forth to get the task done. Though the abuse had taken its toll on him, it couldn’t break his spirit.

Once they got all the overgrowth off, the Ferrier began to do the work on the shoe area. Polly was so scarred from all the abuse, and being so close to humans was terrifying. One had to calm him while the other worker helped to clean him up. After the hooves were in better shape, it was time for him to be shaved and bathed.

Back in Action

By this point in the video, l could see Polly’s spirit coming back to life. He wasn’t scared anymore, and he seemed to be enjoying the pampering. The last scene showed a girl leading him to a pasture with a blanket on his freshly shaved body. Though his gate was slow and still affected by the years in a cage, I am sure he was smiling on the inside. He looked so peaceful to join the other horses in the barnyard.

He looked terrific, and his entire demeanor changed. The kindness of strangers took away all the effects the abuse had on him. I was bawling like a baby with tears of joy. This is why I do what I do. When I go into the barns and talk to the horses, it’s because I care about each one of them. I love these animals, and I have dedicated my life to making retirement years more comfortable for them.

Our Horses are Family

Though we’ve only been in business for a few years, I bring with me a lifetime of knowledge about horses. I’ve seen behavioral issues, those with significant medical problems, and even those that were neglected and needed special attention. I am reminded of what Mark Twain said in a famous quote. He stated that if you find a job that you love doing, you will never have to work again. I don’t feel like I am going to work; I know that I am living out my passions. Every day is a new and exciting adventure.

Horses have such a small window when they can be used for the racing industry; then, they are often sold or put into a retirement facility. I wanted to create a haven for the animals where they could live out their years in peace and tranquility. Here on the grounds in Spring Hope, North Carolina, I have had the opportunity to make my dreams a reality.

Sure, we could put our equines in the barn or the field and make sure they have food. However, we take things a bit further. We talk to them, take time to stroke the hair on their head, have special spa days and other services, as well as be there for them. To us, horses are family. It’s just one of the ways that Oak Haven Acres is different from all the others. Here is the video, and I hope you enjoy this amazing transformation as it genuinely touched my heart.

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