12 Fun Facts About Horses You Probably Didn’t Know

12 Fun Facts About Horses You Probably Didn’t Know

12 Fun Facts About Horses You Probably Didn’t Know

We all love horses, and they’re the reason we own and operate Oak Haven Acres. However, there are many fascinating facts about horses that we’ve learned along the way that many people don’t know. For instance, did you know the eyes of the horse are more significant than any other mammal? Their oversized peepers allow them to see better and protect themselves.

Fun Facts About Horses

Most horse owners or enthusiasts learn amazing things as they raise these magnificent creatures. However, some stuff isn’t common knowledge, so we want to share the facts about horses with you. In this season of being thankful, we can give you even more reasons why you’re blessed to have an equine in your life.

1. Equines Have Many Names

The first exciting fun fact is that a horse can be called many different things, specified by their gender. For instance, a stallion is a male horse that is fertile. However, if that male has been fixed to avoid reproduction, then they’re called a gelding. A female is always called a mare. The baby horses are called colts or fillies, which adds more names and some confusion to the mix.

2. They Have Fewer Bones in Their Skelton Than You

Humans have 206 bones in their bodies, but the vast horse has only 205. It’s pretty interesting when you compare the sizes of their bodies that they would have fewer bones than you.

3. Old Billy Set Records for Living Longer

You can expect a common equine to live to be anywhere from 15-25 years of age. However, here’s a fun fact for those who love Guinness records. Old Billy lived an astounding 62 years, which was more than double his projected lifespan. He died in Woolston, Lancashire, UK in 1822.

4. They Can’t Smile

There are all sorts of pictures floating around the internet of a horse smiling or being jolly during a comical situation. However, this is not at all what the horse is doing. Actually, they open their mouths in this manner to smell, not smile.

5. Equines Were Named After a Car for A Reason

A mustang is one of the fastest sports cars coveted by many. However, it was named after the horse who is known for its incredible speeds. The average speed of an equine is around 25-27 miles per hour, which is a standard residential zone speed limit.

Now, the record-holder was clocked going 55 miles per hour, which is some freeway limits. That’s some impressive speeds, for sure. The cheetah is one of the few animals that can top them, as they can reach 65 mph with their intense velocities.

6. They Have Gigantic Teeth

Another fun fact about horses is the massive size of their teeth. Did you know that their teeth have a larger space in their body than their brain? Okay, so their brain is about 20 ounces, which is half of the size of yours, but those teeth are quite intriguing.

7. There’s So Many Breeds

You’ve heard of the Tennessee walker, Arabian, Mustang, and even wild horses, but did you know that there are more than 300 different types? Many of these breeds are not found in the states, so you would have to travel the world to see all the different varieties.

8. Equines Drink Massive Amounts of Water Each Day

As a human, you know that you need to drink about 6-8 glasses each day, and a gallon a day would be even better. However, the average equine drinks over 25 gallons a day. Wow, talk about a major thirst! It takes a lot of water to keep the vast systems going on these large mammals.

9. Horse Meat is a Delicacy in France

While Americans would never think of eating a meal that consisted of horse meat; it’s prevalent in France. Though its expensive, horse meat is a delicacy that’s consumed by the rich. They prefer to focus on the brain and heart more than anything. Can you imagine buying this meat in the supermarket?

10. They’ve Been Around For 4,500 Years

Horses have been around for a very long time. History shows that the first mention of these beautiful creatures was during the discovery of the Egyptian Pyramids by the Arabs, which was around 3100 BC.

11. Equines Can Mate with Other Animals

There are very few animals that can mate and produce offspring, but the horse is one of those rare breeds. For instance, a mule is the product of a donkey and a horse union, but they will be sterile.

Another fun fact is that a horse can mate with a zebra, producing a hybrid known as a zebroid. Oddly enough, zonkeys are made when a zebra mates with a donkey, which you don’t hear about every day.

12. They Are Colorblind

With those large peepers, you would think a horse had stellar vision. While they can see around their body at 360-degrees, their world is fine shades of black and white. They have no ability to see any colors.

Share Your Fun Facts About Horses with Others

Did you learn something new today that you didn’t know about the beloved equine? Be sure to pass along some of your newfound knowledge to other equine enthusiasts. If you’re ever in the Spring Hope area of North Carolina, stop by and see us. We can show you our facility and how we can help your aging equine live out their retirement in peace and tranquility.

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