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Retired Horses

Considering Horse Retirement?

Oak Haven Acres is a trusted horse retirement farm in North Carolina that specializes in care and boarding for your aging horse. It can be a difficult decision to let your loved animal go into horse retirement, but with the knowledge and experience that we’ve accumulated, you can rest assured that your horse will receive the best possible care in his or her twilight years. With plenty of pasture to graze on and other horses to socialize with, your horse will enjoy their retirement years doing the things they love to do most.
Our Boarding Rates are only $400 per month including hay!

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Boarding Rates only $400 Per Month

Per Month (May - October)

Hay not required

Per Month (Nov - April)

Hay provided during
these months



The Medlin family

If you are looking for a farm to retire your horses, then you can't find a better farm than Oak Haven Acres. The owner, Rachel Nunn is absolutely incredible! The care the horses on her farm receive is absolutely the best! She goes above and beyond what you would expect and delivers the most attentive care to the horses. She treats them like they are her own. The pastures are wonderful and she rotates them periodically so that they stay that way. Each horse gets individual attention every day and if there is anything out of the ordinary with one, she will let you know immediately. We are so thankful that we found Oak Haven Retirement Farm. You definitely can't find anywhere better.

Elaine Harrison
I've known Rachel Nunn for many years. Her love and knowledge of horses is more than impressive. The care she gives can't be matched!!!! Her facility is immaculate, and a horses dream. She lives on the property and watches over them closely. I HIGHLY recommend this facility for your retired horse.
Kathleen Riley Quinlan
I board my special needs horse at Oak Haven Acres Retirement and Boarding Facility which I like to call "Heaven On Earth". Rachel Nunn provides exceptional care and her facility is beyond impressive. It's extrememly important to me to have confidence in someone who is taking full care of my horse, my pet, my love.
Phone: 252-478-5239 or 919-818-6241
515 Huford Harris Rd, Spring Hope, NC 27882, USA
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